What is Mohs micrographic surgery?

Mohs micrographic surgery is a specialized surgical technique used to remove skin cancer, especially basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. It is a precise and highly effective method of skin cancer removal that minimizes the amount of healthy tissue removed while ensuring complete removal of cancerous cells.

During the procedure, Dr Toby Nelson removes the visible cancerous tissue and then examines the edges under a microscope to check for any remaining cancerous cells. This process is repeated until the margins are clear of cancer cells. Mohs surgery is performed under local anaesthesia and typically takes several hours to complete, depending on the size and location of the cancer.

Mohs surgery has a high cure rate and is particularly useful for treating skin cancers that are large, recurrent, or located in sensitive areas where preserving healthy tissue is critical, such as the face, ears, or hands. Dr Toby is able to offer Mohs surgery on a private basis at the exclusive Wood Medispa in Devon. He has performed Mohs surgery thousands of times. He prides himself on offering the best aesthetic outcome for all his patients.

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