A guide for the fees charged at the Devon Hair and Skin Institute are provided below. These are detailed as accurately as possible including facility fees that are often charged on top (such as hospital and pathology charges). Prices below are estimates and subject to change and a full written quote will be provided prior to any treatment and following consultations.

Hair consultation and Procedures

New Hair Consultation £295 (Extended consultation with Dr Al-Nuaimi and TrichoLAB analysis)
Follow Up Hair consultation £150
TrichoLAB report £75
Kerastem Therapy from £9000


New patients £200
Follow ups from £150

Surgical Procedures

Skin biopsy from £400 including histology
Curettage/ cryosurgery from £200
Small skin cancer excision with linear closure from £1000 including histology
Excision of skin cancer with skin graft or local flap repair (complex) from £2000
Simple cyst removal from £450 to £850 for larger lesions
Skin tag removal from £100 to £200
Lipoma removal- from £1500
Mohs Surgery from £5000
Daylight photodynamic therapy from £1690
Laser treatments range from £300 (BBL) to £3500 (full face resurfacing with Erbium TRL).
An initial consult is required to go through your desired results and expectation of treatments
Kerastem Therapy from £9000

Aesthetic Fees (Dr Yusur)

Antiwrinkle Injections
Treatment to the Forehead, frown lines or around the eyes from £250
Brow Lift from £250
Jawline from £350
Neck from £350
Dermal fillers
A range of premium dermal fillers is offered. Treatments are priced from £200.
Areas include lips, nasolabial fold, marionette lines, cheeks, chin, jawline